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Apple iPod Shuffle

Get a happy musical surprise with an Apple iPod Shuffle

Launched in 2001, the first iPod hit the market with a bang. After years of listening to music on cassette and CD players, now all of a sudden people could hear their favourite tunes on a device that was not much bigger than their thumb. And people loved it.

Want to add one of these tiny but powerful pieces to your playing setup? eBay has dozens of options from which to choose.

Everybody’s shufflin’

In 2005, the first iPod Shuffle hit the market, weighing just 22g. The Shuffle was designed to play a selection of songs from the user’s music library in random order, and it was the smallest iPod on the market. It even came with a USB memory stick on one end so you could insert it into your computer to update the songs easily and frequently. The first version had no display, five simple buttons for use and had either 1GB or 512MB of storage capacity. It was great for clipping to your shirt during a workout.

The second version released was even smaller. It was available with either 1GB or 2GB storage and was released between 2006 and 2008, with varying colours and special editions. This model was discontinued in 2010. The third generation held up to 4GB, but it didn’t last long on the market, being released and discontinued in 2009. The final iPod Shuffle released to the market held 2GB of data, had play, track and volume buttons, a voiceover button, and were designed to correspond with other iPod products, such as the touch and nano.

Shuffle into eBay

In 2017, Apple discontinued their production of the iPod shuffle. Luckily for you eBay still has plenty of these great devices online every day for you to grab. Hit play and get moving with an Apple iPod Shuffle today.