Aqua Medic

Replicating the underwater world in your home or business is no easy feat but when an aquarium is done right, it can look fantastic. Aqua Medic is a brand that knows everything there is to know about putting together your own aquarium and have every item that you will need to complete the process. They offer aquarium systems and all the lighting and spare parts you need for effective fish housing in freshwater or saltwater.

Aquarium Systems

If you're looking to get your first aquarium, it may be a good idea to purchase a complete aquarium system that provides you with the tank, pump and other important parts that you need to set it all up. You can easily follow the instructions to get the aquarium underway and then choose other accessories to finish the look that you want.

Filter and Pumps

Aqua Medic understands all the ins and outs of effective filters and pumps and has the right equipment for your aquarium. You can find complete filter systems according to the size and water type of your tank that are easy to install and run. Equipment can be different depending on if your tank is freshwater or saltwater so make sure to check specifications before purchasing.

Aquarium Lights

Choosing the right aquarium lights can make all the difference to the look and ambience of your aquarium. Aqua Medic manufactures a wide range of lighting options including spot and panel LED lights and fluorescent ocean lights. No matter how big or small your aquarium is, you can find all the lighting you need to perfectly illuminate your tank.

Other Products

The list of products from Aqua Medic is the largest on the market and includes all the supplements, treatments and sterilisers that you will need for your aquarium for balanced water levels and healthy fish. The brand also supplies commercial products such as for aquariums in zoos, malls or universities.