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Thinking about starting an aquarium? A great place to start is with Aquaone aquariums and fish care products. Designed by a team of marine biologists using the latest technology, Aqua 1 aquariums are the best on the market, and ensure your fish are kept in the best possible environment. 

Aquaone's range of tanks are designed for marine, freshwater and tropical fish and range in size from the small goldfish bowl-style that look great in a small space to large-sized aquariums that become a feature of your living room. Looking for something in between? Try the Reflex Nano aquarium. it's great for anyone looking for an easy to use aquarium, is capable of holding both coldwater and tropical fish, and is a favourite with first timers. 

Aquaone's filters are also top-of-the-range. With easy to attach in-going and out-going hoses that swivel to give easy Maneuverability, they're a practical addition to your tank and make cleaning the filter very easy as they don't need to be detached first. 

Aquaone also stocks a range of accessories and ornaments like plants to keep your fish happy. Also check out the range of backgrounds. Made from quality paper with high-resolution images, these backgrounds will give your aquarium some realism, and makes it a colourful feature, as well as somewhere to keep fish. 

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