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Aquarium Cleaning Magnetic Glass Cleaners and Equipment

Keeping your fish tank clean is no easy feat, but with the aid of aquarium cleaning magnetic glass cleaners and equipment, it doesn't have to be frustrating. These small devices use magnets to keep your aquarium clean so you don't have to get your hands dirty. Available in a variety of sizes to fit every tank, magnetic cleaners are the most convenient way to clean every type of tank.

Floating or Sinking

You'll see two distinct designs when it comes to magnetic cleaners; some that float and some that sink. Some cleaners offer a convertible design you can switch between the two modes depending on what type of cleaning you're doing. All water types aquarium magnetic glass cleaners remove algae from the tank's glass. A floating cleaner bobs around in the water aided by magnets placed on either side of the glass in order to remove algae and debris from the tank. A sinking magnet cleaner sticks to the inside of the tank and slides downward, using an attached blade to scrub the tank as it sinks to the bottom.


The size of aquarium cleaner you choose depends largely on the size of your tank and the thickness of the glass. A small cleaner works well for tanks with glass up to 5mm, and you should select a medium-sized cleaner for glass up to 8mm. For tanks with up to 12mm glass, pick a large magnet cleaner. Choosing the right size for your tank means you'll get the most effective results. If necessary, you can also purchase replacement blades for your cleaners and switch them out when desired.


Some brands to look for when you're searching for aquarium cleaning supplies and maintenance equipment include Aqua One, which offers cleaners in several sizes, along with Flipper, which uses a plastic scraper to remove algae from the tank and converts to a scrubber when necessary, creating a two-in-one design. Mag-Float cleaners work for oversized aquariums and come in large sizes and a variety of shapes. Aqueon offers high-quality cleaners that work for all types of tanks.


When you use magnetic aquarium cleaners, you'll enjoy a host of features and benefits when it comes to keeping your tank clean. If you pick a floating magnet, it never sinks to the bottom, which ensures peace of mind when it comes to finding the cleaner or making sure it doesn't injure delicate plants on the floor of the tank. Use cleaners with scratch-resistant pads so your cleaner won't leave behind unsightly damage after use. Pick a cleaner that works no matter what type of tank environment you have, such as marine or freshwater. Designs with a handle make it easy for you to grab them when you need to.

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