Aquarium Cleaning Supplies and Maintenance Equipment

Aquarium cleaning supplies and maintenance equipment are important for aquarium care of all water types and ensuring the continued health of your fish. Cleaning supplies include brushes, scrapers, gravel vacuums or siphons, double ended pipe brushes and more. Maintenance equipment includes filters, heaters, air pumps, water conditioners, water testers, and more.

Aquarium Cleaning Supplies

Aquarium cleaning supplies range from simple brushes or sponges that wipe away algae from glass to scrapers that are tougher on stains. Floating magnetic glass cleaners are more complex, containing magnetised parts so you can clean glass without having to put your hands in the water. Aquarium siphons are tube-like devices that can clean gravel, while also removing water. They are perfect for removing build ups of fish flakes that your fish did not eat, as well as other impurities from the water. Keep in mind how much water you remove while using a siphon as if you remove too much water all in one go, it can negatively affect the aquarium environment. Double ended pipe brushes are ideal for cleaning filters, as well as hoses, spray bar, inlet/outlet tubes, and impeller wells. Algae cure can be purchased to control algae growth, while leaving your aquarium plants alone.

Aquarium Maintenance Equipment

Aquarium maintenance equipment is vital in all aquariums. Filters are perhaps the most important components in an aquarium and can convert ammonia, which is dangerous to fish at the wrong levels, to nitrate or remove phosphate. Heaters maintain water temperature, which is important depending on what type of fish are being kept in the aquarium. Air pumps provide oxygen to your fish, while also creating stunning effects in your aquarium. Other aquarium maintenance tools include water conditioners that come in bottles of various sizes. Water conditioners remove harmful toxins like chlorine and heavy metals from tap water. Not only important when filling your tank for the first time, water conditioners can be used every time you do a water change or to rinse items that you remove from your tank to clean. Water conditioners also enhance the natural protective coating on fish. Water testers can be used to check levels of GH and KH, as well as pH and similar, in your aquarium. Other aquarium maintenance tools include sealant to patch your aquarium and bio starter to boost beneficial bacteria.