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Aquarium Driftwoods and Roots

Driftwoods and roots are attractive decorations for aquariums, and there are so many choices available. Besides adding a decorative touch, driftwoods and roots can also serve as homes and protective coverings for many aquatic species. Knowing more about popular choices can help give you some inspiration when shopping for these aquarium products.

Driftwood Basics

Creating a beautiful aquarium with driftwoods or roots is easy to do; however, it is important to know that not all driftwoods are the same. Driftwoods come in an assortment of sizes, colours, and shapes that make them appealing to the eye, but that may not translate beautifully for fish or other aquatic creatures. Driftwoods and roots need to be submersible as well as cured so that the wood does not leak colour or other pollutants into the water.

Cholla Wood

Chollo wood is one of the many wooden driftwood aquarium decorations that work successfully in aquatic environments. This wood is easy to identify because it has a myriad of holes that penetrate the wood and give it an almost coral-like effect. Although this wood is very attractive, the thin branches or those with intricate patterns may wear away more quickly than other types of wooden aquarium decorations.

Rose Wood Roots

Rose wood root is one of the wooden all-water-types aquarium decorations that is extremely popular in competitive aquarium decorating circles. These roots have a deep rose colour and the thick and unusual branching pattern make them ideal to use for imitating trees in underwater environments.

Plastic Aquarium Plants

Plastic aquarium plants are ideal for those people who do want to have decorations that look like wood but really are made from plastic materials. Plastic decorations are cost-effective solutions that are great choices for kids' aquariums or for people who want to use materials that are lightweight but look like authentic wood decorations.

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