Aquarium heaters and chillers for happy fish

No matter what type of fish friends you have, it's really important to keep the water temperature in their aquarium exactly right for their needs. For example, should the temperature change by even one degree Fahrenheit in the space of 24 hours, it can cause a huge amount of stress to your fish, and make it so much easier for diseases to take hold. Avoid this worry by monitoring water temperature accurately with both a heater and a chiller.

Submersible heaters

As the name suggests, submersible heaters are designed to sit beneath the water's surface. Safe and reliable in both fresh and saltwater aquariums and just as effective in either a horizontal or vertical position, these heaters work just like your central heating at home by turning themselves off when the optimum temperature is reached. They're also very easy to use and keep clean and simply attach to the side of your fish tank with either one or two plastic suckers, which are usually included.

Inline heaters

Rather more sleek and attractive looking than their submersible counterparts with a modern digital display, inline heaters sit vertically on the outside of your tank. By connecting your inline heater to the return pipe on your external canister filter, water is then heated to the perfect temperature before being returned to the fish tank, offering excellent temperature consistency.

Inline chillers

If you notice your tank water temperature is regularly creeping up, it's worth investing in a decent chiller. An inline aquarium chiller is plugged into the mains electricity supply and has internal cooling coils. Water is simply pumped into the chiller before being cooled, then sent back into the tank. This is slightly different to a submersible style fish tank chiller, which has coils that go inside your sump to cool the water. It's worth doing some research to decide which one is the right one for you.