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Plastic Aquarium Plants

Plastic aquarium plants not only make your aquarium look beautiful, but also provide your fish and other tankmates with much-needed hiding spots and places to play. Plastic aquarium plants have many styles, looks and colours to match all tastes.

Features of Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants vary greatly, from moss-covered stones to vibrant narcissus to ornamental coral. Many artificial aquarium plants replicate live plants eerily well. While artificial plants that mimic living plants are common, many artificial plants have vibrant colours not normally found in living plants. Some take full advantage of this and are designed to appear translucent or even holographic. Some designs are based on miniature land plants, such as palm trees and flowers. A fake cactus can make for an amusing design when placed in a sandy tank, making a mock desert. Bonsai tree designs are also popular and can be paired with tank decorations of a similar Japanese theme. While plastic is probably the most common material for artificial aquarium plants, other materials include glass, polyresin and ceramic. Most aquarium plants have a heavy base to help them stand upright or to be buried beneath gravel or substrate for support. Some plants also serve other purposes, such as leaf hammocks. Betta fish like to rest on leaves in the wild, so a leaf hammock can be attached to the side of the betta's tank to give them a place to rest. Another functional design is the moss ball, which is a plastic superstructure that acts as a place for moss to grow safely, producing a living filter for your tank's water while also being able to be moved and posed in various styles. Fake turf is also available, and can be used instead of gravel or other substrate to cover the bottom of your tank or other surfaces, providing a green and vibrant look.

Aquarium Plant Sizes

Smaller plastic aquarium plants may only be an inch or two high, and come in packs containing several different styles or colours. Meanwhile, larger plants may be almost a foot high. Make sure you know your aquarium's measurements before buying. Remember, gravel and other substrate can make the effective height available in the tank less, so don't rely on the aquarium's dimensions.

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