Aquarium waters tests & treatments for healthy fish and coral

Want to ensure your fish and corals not only survive, but thrive? Aquarium water tests and treatments measure and maintain the essential aquarium levels in either your freshwater or marine system, allowing you to monitor the water and fix unsafe water conditions by interpreting the available data. Life-critical test / treatment parameters include pH level, bacteria, chlorine, ammonia, salt, GH, water clarity and alkalinity. Some of the top brands to keep an eye out when browsing for marine aquarium water tests and fresh aquarium water tests are Quick Drop, Seneye and Seachem.

Types of test kits & treatments

Aquarium water tests and treatments available online include pH test kits, ammonia and chlorine neutraliser conditioners, water additives such as marine aquarium salt, and algae and plant fertilizers.

One example of an aquarium test kit on eBay is the Quick Drop Ammonia Nstrong Test Kit for the testing of toxic ammonia / ammonium in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This kit can perform up to 60 test. Ammonia is extremely toxic and high levels can be stressful or even lethal to aquatic life, so it is critical to keep the ammonia levels in your tank under control. You can buy similar products for all the other important parameters, for example a Carbonate Hardness test kit or Nitrate NO2 test kit.

Your aquarium water tests kits and aquarium water treatments work alongside other key aquarium maintenance accessories such as aquarium air pumps and aquarium filters. You will discover everything you need to support healthy fish and coral on eBay.