Aquarium's for every fish lover

Whether you've owned fish before or you're a beginner, choosing the perfect aquarium can be a real minefield. Not only does it need to meet the needs of your fishy friends, it must fit in well with the space available.

Marine aquariums

Marine or saltwater aquariums are usually much larger than other types of aquariums and work more like a small ecosystem. These often range from the smallest ones of around 100 litres to huge tanks of 1,000 litres or more. Ideal for large spaces or as a focal point for bigger living areas, both coral and fish live and thrive together to give a beautiful tropical feel to your home.

As they are often more substantial than other small tanks, marine aquariums often come with a large cabinet or stand in order to support their weight and display your tropical fish and coral inside at the perfect viewing height.

Freshwater aquariums

Freshwater aquariums are often considered easier to look after than marine aquariums simply because freshwater fish can be more resistant to temperature change.

This type of tank is often much smaller than the marine tanks and can come in nano sizes as small as 2 litres. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these aquariums are ideal for young children to home goldfish which may not need a pump. However, an efficient heater, pump and filtration system will be needed for tropical freshwater fish.

Aquariums for all water types

If you're not sure exactly which kind of fish you would like to keep, or are likely to change your mind, it might be worth considering an aquarium which is suitable for both freshwater and marine water types.

Whatever you opt for, ensure you choose a tank which caters to your home interior and personal tastes. From wall mounted to tabletop tanks, there really is a fish tank to suit everyone, no matter what space you have available.