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Arc Lighter

Arc Lighter

There have been technological advancements and innovations in almost every tool you can think of, and lighters are no exception. Flameless and windproof arc lights are replacing traditional lighters for many. They light up from an electrical arc, hence their name. Arc lighters are rechargeable devices that are present in a variety of colours and styles. Users can also personalise and customise their devices to fit a given style. These are gorgeous collectible lighters that are easy to carry in a pocket, and they have revolutionised the lighting game as we know it.

How Good Are Electric Arc Lighters?

Electric Arc lighters are use lithium ion batteries and are rechargeable, just like your phones. They don’t use any form of fuel or flame for lighting purposes. They are also easier to use; they dont flare up, and you can use them for lighting cigarettes, paper, candles, wood and other items at any angle you want. They are also windproof lighters and can be used easily in open areas as well without blowing a flame out (or onto your hand).

Difference between Arc Lighter and Traditional Lighter

Traditional lighters use fuel to light up, whereas arc lighters use a high-intensity electric arc. The life of arc lighters is longer than traditional lighters, and each arc lighter, upon one charge, can give up to 90 lighting opportunities. They are also easier to clean and charge as compared to traditional lighters. Moreover, traditional lighters can flare up due to the flammable fuel in them. However, with arc lighters, that’s not possible, so they are safer to keep, especially in houses with children.

Uses of Arc Lighters

Arc lighters can replace traditional lighters for all lighting purposes. Use them to light stoves, candles, paper, cigarettes, paper, wood and more. Manufacturers advise customers to not put their fingers on the arc. It will not electrocute them, but the burning sensation will be similar to that of the traditional lighter.

Cleaning an Arc Lighter

For an arc lighter to function properly, it is very important that its tip is clean at all times. Customers can clean their arc lighters by using a toothbrush or cotton bud by gently swiping them on the surface. However, customers should keep water and other fluids away from their arc lighters, as it can get inside the device and ruin it.