Build your own arcade machine with eBay’s Arcade Machine Accessories

Whether you loved playing on arcade machines as a kid, or you’re just getting into them now, building an arcade machine at home can offer a great project with a great payout at the end. Among its vast array of video games and consoles, eBay has a fantastic selection of arcade machine accessories, perfect for DIY arcade machine projects. Providing pretty much everything you need to get your project on the go, eBay has monitors and power supplies, speakers and joysticks. 

So, where should you start? If you’re not mechanically minded, there are plenty of how-to blogs and videos showing you how to build an arcade machine. There are pre-fab sets, which can make the process easier, but you can also choose to refurbish an old arcade machine or build one from scratch. Which option you choose will depend on your skill level, how much time you have to put into the project, and how much you want to customise your arcade machine overall. 

If you choose to refurbish and rebuild an old arcade machine, the first place to start is choosing a cabinet. Then, once you’ve stripped that cabinet down, you need to think about the type of monitor you want to use. Purists will typically only go for arcade machine monitors, but if you want a higher quality gaming experience, a modern flat screen monitor may be better. Next, it’s time to build the control deck, decide what controls you want, and what type of marquee, lighting and sound to install.  

With some dedicated work on the internals and wiring, you can get your arcade machine up and running! Or alternatively, you could buy one already completed from eBay’s range of coin-operated video games and consoles.