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Archery Broadheads

Hit the bullseye with archery broadheads

The increasing popularity of archery has seen a rise in the equipment needed for the sport. Basic archery equipment requires a bow, arrows and a target depending on the type of archery practised. The five main disciplines are target, field, 3D, traditional and bowhunting all of which require different types of equipment.

In archery, the broadhead is a type of arrowhead or point. An arrowhead, as the name suggests is the tip of an arrow, usually designed for purpose. For example, in bowhunting where the targets are live animals, the arrowhead will be sharpened to make it deadlier and is known as the broadhead. The number of steel cutting blades it contains and the weight, or grain of the broadhead may vary.

Broadhead arrowheads are usually used for hunting big game. They resemble mini missiles ready to be launched from the bow. Basically, a broadhead is a large cutting point that can be attached to an arrow shaft. There are varieties on this theme, which encompass three main categories: a fixed blade; mechanical blade; removable blade.

For most bowhunters, broadhead selection is a matter of personal preference based on experience, the speed of the arrow and the game being sought.

Types of archery broadheads

Fixed blades are used for shooting bows with lower draw weights, and are designed to glue or screw in directly into the arrow shafts. They are very reliable for killing their targets.

Mechanical blades are drawn in close to the ferrule before shooting the arrow. When it hits the target, the blades expand to reveal the cutting edges.

Removable blades, otherwise known as expandable blades, are designed so that the blades can be replaced on the ferrule, which is the centre of the broadhead where the blades are attached. If the blades are damaged, there is no need to replace the entire broadhead.