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Carbon Shaft Complete Archery Arrows

As a sport, archery is growing in popularity all over the world. Regardless of whether you’re looking to get into the sport or are an established archer already, it’s imperative that you are using the most effective equipment. Alongside the bow, arrows are an archer’s most important tools. The two main materials used to make arrow shafts are aluminium and carbon. Archers will know that your choice of shaft has an enormous impact on the accuracy, durability and range of your arrows. Carbon shaft complete archery arrows in packs of 11-20 are among the most balanced choices for both veteran and amateur archers. In Australia, two of the most popular arrow brands are Easton and Gold Tip.


As arrows can be expensive, it’s important that your shafts are robust enough to withstand regular use. Carbon arrow shafts are manufactured using high tensile carbon fibre. Because of the material’s high strength, you can be confident that your arrows won’t break if you accidentally step on the shaft or fire an arrow into the wall. Even if you discover that one of your carbon shafts has somehow bended, carbon arrow shafts are far easier to bend back into shape than aluminium arrow shafts.

Low Weight

Carbon arrow shafts are the most lightweight arrows on the consumer market. This is especially important for archers who spend long periods of time practising. Even small differences in shaft weight can have a big impact on reducing the fatigue of the archer. Moreover, depending on environmental conditions, low weight carbon shafts can increase the maximum distance you can shoot your arrows.

High-Impact Penetration

Take advantage of the improved penetrative abilities of arrows with carbon shafts. Because carbon arrow shafts don’t bend mid-flight, they are less susceptible to wind effects, leading to a higher velocity. The smaller shaft diameter of carbon arrows increases the velocity further, leading to vastly improved penetration.


Whether you’re in an archery competition or using your bow out in the wild, carbon complete arrow shafts in packs of 6-10 will serve you well. The higher penetration of carbon shaft arrows is well suited to users even off the competition field. Similarly, due to their durability, professional and semi-professional archers can to use carbon shaft arrows for hours without worrying about bending or fatigue.

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