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A sport that requires a measure of concentration and skill, archery is a great way to pass the time and enjoy the great outdoors. Learn balance, coordination, and focus when you take up archery as a pastime. As with any sport, archery requires the right equipment and accessories before you take your best shot.

Crossing My Bows

The most familiar component of archery is without a doubt the archery bow. The basis of archery, this is your main piece of equipment. There are several types of archery bows to pick from, including compound, recurve, and longbows. Recurve bows are used for the sport of archery, and perfect for beginners due to their forgiving and user-friendly design, while compound bows are for more experienced sportsmen. Longbows offer a more traditional bow shape, making them great for hunting.

A Straight Arrow

You can't shoot a bow without something to shoot, and that's where archery arrows and partscome in. Made of essentially three different materials, the type of arrow you choose depends on the purpose as well as the bow. Carbon arrows are lightweight but recommended for more advanced archers, while aluminium arrows are considered safer for all ages to use. Wood arrows hearken back to days gone by, but they also break more frequently than aluminium and carbon types. You'll also need to choose arrowheads that complement your bow as well as what you're using it for; whether it's hunting or skill practise.

Quivering with Anticipation

Now that you have your bow and arrows, you need a spot to stow your stuff while you shoot. Enter the quiver. These handy bags typically have long straps that slide around your body and keep your arrows and arrowheads at your fingertips. Made of a variety of materials, including canvas or suede, a quiver is a must when you head out to shoot.

Archery Extras

Bows, arrows, and quivers are the basic essentials of archery, but there are other types of equipment to consider when you practise this sport. Take safety precautions by wearing gloves, arm guards, and wrist slings. Other archery accessories to consider include a bow sight, which can help you make a straight shot, or replacement strings if yours happen to break.