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Archery Longbows

An archery bow allows you to extend your reach farther than you can imagine. Whether you’re a recreational archer or a hunting archer, proper archery longbows are an asset that can lead to your success. Novice archers will like the longbow because it has the most basic design and is lightweight. Having a lightweight bow gives you a more efficient shot and it won’t weigh you down as you travel. Longbows that are more modern provide lightning speed, accuracy and high performance because their length better distributes the bow’s weight.

Follow Tradition

Although the first bows were longbows, recurve bows are also considered to be traditional bows. On a recurve bow, the tips of the bow curve away from the archer as the arrow is drawn. The additional curve means that the bow can more efficiently store energy to produce greater arrow speed. Recurve bows also have a smooth draw and a slim grip.

Shoot Your Shot

Your bow is almost useless without arrows. There are several factors to consider when choosing arrows, as having the right arrow length is extremely important to both shooting accurately and staying safe. Whether you’re a young archer or a veteran, you will want to choose your arrow material carefully. Options include both aluminium and carbon arrows. Aluminium arrows are strong, flexible and durable, while carbon arrows offer terrific speed and energy transfer.

Be Handsy

Your dexterity matters when it comes to archery and choosing a bow. If you are right-handed, then you will want to pick a right-hand bow. If you’re left-handed, you will want a left-handed bow. Should you be able to shoot accurately with either hand or share your bow, choose an ambidextrous bow. You want your bow to work with your hand-eye coordination, not against it. Thus, choosing a bow according to your dominant side can set you on the path to archery greatness.

Hit Your Target

It is important to practise your shot whether you’re a beginning archer or a veteran hunter. Being consistently accurate takes more than practice, so consider trying foam blocks, bags, paper targets or even 3D targets to practise pinpoint accuracy. Other accessories that can help to improve your shot are sights that easily mount to your bow riser, which are popular with hunters. In addition, arrow rests are meant to help you keep the arrow steady against the handle until you release it.

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