Archery Quivers

If you've taken up the sport of archery, you will need a quiver to keep your arrows in. A good quiver can make you look like a real archer while being a useful tool as you participate in your sport. Choosing a quiver is a very personal choice so you must choose what appeals to you the most.

Type of Quiver

There are several types of archery quivers to choose from based on where you want it placed. The traditional setup is the back quiver where it is attached to your back and you pull the arrows from overhead. Another option is the side quiver, which allows you to keep your arrows within easy reach. A third choice is the belt quiver, which allows you to draw arrows from around the waist.

Which Hand

One of the first things you'll have to decide is if you are looking for left or right-hand archery quivers. With the left-hand archery quivers, you would grab the arrow with your left hand, and the opposite is true for right-hand quivers. This designation works mainly with hip or belt quivers because of their design.


You will find numerous options when it comes to the design of the quiver. Some are handmade of leather while others are more modern and made of carbon or other hard material. You can find fabric quivers such as suede. Some are decorative which may include your personalised initials while others offer a basic look.


There are archery accessories that you will need with your quiver. It may come with a lid to prevent arrows from falling out. You may also want a clip to attach to your belt or a replacement strap when your current is broken or becomes worn.