Recurve Bow

Recurve bows are available in a range of different designs. Every single recurve bow on the market is suitable for target practice but not all are suitable for hunting. A bow's draw refers to the amount of force you have to apply to the string in order to pull it to a 28” distance. The higher the draw distance the further the arrow will fly and the more force it will land with. Brands of recurve bow include PSE Archery, the Great Plains, Predator Bows and even Black Widow Bows.

The Recurve Bow Style

Recurve bows are generally available as a solid piece. Takedown recurve bows break down into three different parts. This means that you can transport them easier than ever and they are also very adaptable. The top and bottom parts of the takedown recurve bow are commonly made out of fibreglass, carbon and various other materials.

Bow Strength

Some recurve bows are set so that they can be pulled back over a very long distance with very little pressure. Other bows require less pressure on the draw. It is very common to have other pieces of equipment attached to the bow, such as a clicker. This is a blade or a piece of wire that is fitted to the riser, which drops off the arrow shaft when the archer's reached the correct draw length.

This ensures that the draw is used with the same force every single time. Recurve bows are usually made out of wood or metal, however, different materials will give you different results. The bow that you choose will depend on whether you want to use it for hunting, for sport or for fast and rapid firing on a range. Most recurve bows are designed so that they can be heavily customised by the archer.