Archery Release Aids

Hit the bullseye with archery release aids

Every archer strives for the perfect shot every time, and, to achieve this, you need the right bow release. Release aids can vastly improve accuracy, heightening your chances of your arrow hitting its target. Release aids should attach to the bow string with a rope or a d-loop, however, the way the shot is activated differs according to the type of release aid used.

The two most common types are thumb activated releases and index finger releases, which are sometimes called wrist releases. Archers with more experience may also use back tension release aids. Youll find a range of archery release aids in this collection from various brands, including Cobra, Jim Fletcher, and Scott Archery.

Thumb trigger release aids

Three and four finger grip shapes are most common and are held at around 45 degrees, with the back of the hand placed in a solid location around or under the jaw. Theyre activated by compressing the thumb trigger gently.

Index Finger Trigger

This type of release aid is usually attached with a wrist strap and then activated by gently compressing the index finger trigger. At the point of full draw, the back of the hand is faced upwards, with the side of the hand resting around or on the jaw.

Back Tension

Back tension release aids are much like thumb style release aids, both in terms of shape and hand position, however there isnt an obvious trigger. The shot is activated by turning the handle around a hinge.

Keep in mind when shopping for archery release aids that one type is no better or worse than another. Its how you use them that matters, and your personal preference. Youll find an extensive range of release aids here, as well as other archery accessories such as quivers, arrow rests, and slings.