Hit the Mark with Archery Targets

There are various types of archery targets to choose from. Today's targets are best matched to a specific style of archery bow, arrow, and tip or broadhead. You'll find the three main types of archery targets below, and refining your search should help you to decide which style best suits your bow setup.

Block targets

Foam layer block targets are a popular choice as not only are they portable and lightweight, but it's also easy to remove arrows from them. These targets work by pinching the arrow tip between the foam layers, using friction to stop its momentum. Broadheads can be used on foam block targets, however, using field points instead will increase their lifespan dramatically. This type of archery target is ideal for practice sessions outside.

3D targets

3D targets are great for preparing yourself for real life hunting situations. They're available to buy in various different animal species, including rabbits and pigeons, providing a fun archery experience. Many 3D archery targets have mid-sections that can be replaced, prolonging the life of the target. It's best to use field points, as you could lose a broadhead inside the foam core.

Paper and face targets

Paper and face targets are the most basic style of archery target, with nearly every bowhunter practicing on one of these at some point, so they're great for beginners. Many types of target faces are available, from bullseye targets to game images, and they provide an economical solution to your target practice requirements. There are even archery target stands for easy use.

Whatever type of archery you do, there's an archery target for you. All types have a purpose and can be used to help make you a better archer. You'll find a wide range of targets to help you practice your archery skills, but consider your options carefully to make sure you choose the right product for you.