Arcopedico, one of the most comfortable shoes you've ever worn 

While a good pair of heels is essential, a good comfortable pair of shoes, that still looks good, is more important. And when you want comfort, you want Arcopedico. 

Arcopedico was the brainchild of Professor Elio Parodi. He wanted to create a piece of footwear that would be synonymous with the word comfort. This idea is now the basis for the entire Arcopedico collection of shoes, many of which can be found on eBay. 

So what makes Arcopedico such a miracle for your feet? 

The secret is in the materials used. Arcopedico Classic lines feature special elastic knitted nylon fiber uppers that conform to the shape of your foot. Arcopedico flats for women features a twin arch support system to support correct positioning of the spine and help with posture, foot fatigue and back pain. 

Double arch support bridges fully support the foot, plus each Arcopedico shoe has a form of adjustability for a truly unique fit. 

The Ultra-Light Polyurethane Sole has unbeatable shock absorption and durability due to its make-up of tiny air bubbles. This ensures the most comfortable walking experience for the wearer. 

Your feet will feel fresher with anatomical breathable insole that helps to wick perspiration away from the foot. This helps reduce smells associated with sweaty feet. 

And, while comfort is the aim, you're not sacrificing on fashion. From an open toe sandal or a stylish Mary Jane, you'll find a comfortable women's shoe to match your style. 

Best of all, Arcopedico have a respect for the ecosystem and use recyclable materials. They even have biological certification. So you can step out knowing your shoes are good for you feet and the environment. 

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