Arduino is the best open-source electronics platform available based on easy-to-use hardware and software 

The incredibly popular Arduino boards are able to read inputs which can be turned into an output very easily. This means you could have someone pushing a button at one end, which turns on a motor at the other. You can tell your Arduino board to do anything you like with a set of instructions to the microcontroller on the board. This is done by wiring known as the Arduino programming language and processing for the Arduino Software. 

With a simple and accessible user experience Arduino boards have been used in thousands of different projects and applications. Easy-to-use for beginners, but also flexible enough for advanced users, Arduino can run with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Great for building low-cost scientific instruments or to get started with programming and robotics. 

These inexpensive boards are great for interactive prototypes, installations, and to experiment with musical instruments. These boards are suitable for everyone from children, hobbyists, and artists, all the way through to programmers. Just start tinkering or follow the step by step instructions of a kit and youll be on your way! There is even an Arduino community online to help you out! 

Teachers everywhere love the processing programming environment, which Arduino also uses, making it great for students learning to program. Arduino simplifies the process of working with microcontrollers and is excellent for teachers, students, and interested amateurs. eBay has a range of Arduino boards that can be sent straight to your home for a great price so get building today, who knows what youll create!