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Aromatherapy Spray Bottles

Spray Bottle Aromatherapy Supplies

Making your own aromatherapy products with essential oils and essential oil accessories is a relatively easy and rewarding thing to do. If youre making your own aromatherapy products there are a few basic spray bottles to have amongst your aromatherapy supplies to ensure you keep your oils and your products in top condition.

What Type of Spray Bottles are Best?

You should always keep essential oil products in glass. As essential oils are concentrated plant extracts, they do not always react well to plastic and metal containers.

  • Coloured glass: Essential oils should store in dark and cool conditions, so the best spray bottles to use for aromatherapy products are coloured glass. Spray bottles are readily available in amber and blue and sometimes green and violet bottles.
  • Clear glass: Clear and frosted glass spray bottles are best kept in a cupboard to protect the oils from sunlight and preserve your products shelf life.

Do Spray Bottles Come in Different Sizes?

Glass bottle aromatherapy supplies are available in a range of different sizes that can serve different purposes. Some basic guidelines are:

  • Small spray bottles are great for making a purse or handbag sized spray. Metal outer casings protect them from sunlight and look great.
  • Larger spray bottles are the perfect size for room sprays and body sprays. The amount of spray can vary depending on the type of top you use.
  • If youre buying your spray tops separately from your bottles, remember to check you get sizes that match. Screw necks and fittings range from 18 to 28 mm.

Are All Spray Tops The Same?

There are two main types of spray tops.

  • Mist Spray Tops: Mist spray tops use a pump action by pressing down with your finger and give you a fine mist spray.
  • Trigger Sprays: Trigger spray tops work by squeezing a trigger and are sometimes adjustable to give you a fine mist or wider spray effect.

What About Diffusers?

For making your own aromatherapy diffusers, choose dark coloured bottles with relatively narrow necks to minimise the risk of spillage. Fill them up with your own blends, add bamboo reeds and enjoy!

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