Aromatics Elixir by Clinique Fragrances for Women


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Aromatics Elixir Clinique Women's Fragrances

Complete your look with a perfume that is as stylish and elegant as you are. Aromatics Elixir by Clinique allows you to make a statement wherever you go. This perfume comes in an array or products that will ensure you always look and smell fabulous.

Type of Fragrance

When purchasing a fragrance, you have several types to choose from. You can select spray perfumes for women in aromatics elixir by Clinique when you want to simply spritz it on. A miniature perfume will easily fit into your purse to freshen up on the go. You also have the option of spray eau-de-parfum with aromatics elixir frangrances for women or eau de toilette.


Aromatics Elixir features a fresh woodsy scent that is unmistakable. It contains subtle hints of chamomile, white jasmine and patchouli. The combination has created an unforgettable scent that is perfect for daytime wear because it never seems to lost it’s scent in any conidtions.. It isn't too overpowering, but it will make a statement wherever you go.

Gift Sets

You can find gift sets of Aromatics Elixir by Clinique to give or to keep for yourself. The set may include a full-size 100ml perfume or eau de parfum along with a miniature bottle for you to take on holidays. The gift sets usually come in a nicely wrapped gift box, making you feel like a celebrity, that is the perfect for a birthday or christmas gift.

Aromatics Elixir Products

Along with the perfume, you can find complimentary products with the same scent. In this fragrance, Clinique also makes a deodorant that will help you stay fresh-smelling all day. Body lotion and body wash will enhance your scent because they all work together with the same fragrance.