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Round Art Deco Decorative Mirrors

The Art Deco movement began in the early 1920's and encompassed numerous contributions to art, fashion, and architecture. The Art Deco format is still a popular mode of design today, with interior styling now using many pieces that model themselves after this movement. Round Art Deco mirrors are some of the most popular, offering a practical and stylish piece of homeware that can transform any room of your house into a place of sleek and non-traditional elegance.

Vintage Art Deco Mirrors

If you’re after an authentic touch, find a vintage Art Deco mirror dating as far back as the 1930's. Round vintage Art Deco mirrors are usually more expensive due to their age, but on top of its decorative function, you can purchase them as an investment piece that will increase in value over time. Most vintage Art Deco mirrors use gold, black and silver trimmings, as these were all popular with this style in their heyday.

Modern Art Deco Mirrors

The modern style of Art Deco mirrors still holds the aesthetic similarities of vintage pieces, but with the added bonus of being more affordable. These pieces come from mass production, which makes them cheaper. Still, many of them look as though they’ve still come out of that era.

Round Mirror Styling

A round mirror adds some visual interest in a room that's largely straight lines and angles, and because Art Deco designs often integrate exactly what a round shape is lacking, this helps to unify the contrasting shapes in the room. Dining room art deco mirrors make a great statement that can add elegance to the place where you gather and break bread. A bedroom art deco round mirror hanging above your bed gives the space a glitzy, glamourous feel. Due to the bold but minimalistic sleekness of the Art Deco style, there’s really no need to accentuate these mirrors with much else, and they work well as the centre piece of a room.

Mirror Sizes and Shapes

Round Art Deco mirrors are the most common shape, and they often have bold frames around the glass itself. The decorations around the mirror include mirror strips, beveled edges and anything slick and minimalistic, as is the theme with Art Deco. Mirrors range from small in size to upwards of a metre in diameter, depending on the space and budget you have to work with.

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