Brush up on your options with dozens of paintings available online from eBay

While much of art is open for interpretation, there’s little discussion over the immense impact the right painting can have on the look of a room. A dynamic, vibrantly coloured Banksy classic; the calming splashes of a pale water coloured scene; intricate, life-like portraits from decades past—whatever the aesthetic you’re searching for, the right piece has the power to lift the mood and furniture around it. eBay has more than 150,000 paintings from which to choose, providing a virtual gallery for you to peruse and choose at your own speed and on your own time. 

Don’t be afraid to be abstract

While stunning portrait paintings and natural scenes of animals and beautiful landscapes are certainly gorgeous, abstract paintings can be chameleons that serve all sorts of purposes for you and your space. The lack of specific shapes and subjects in abstract paintings allow them to take on various forms, blending into your space and combining with the other pieces around it to create one full cohesive work of art.

That being said, large abstract paintings can also be eye-catching in their own right, standing out from your furniture and electronics and making a strong statement. It also gives viewers more of an opportunity to make up their own mind about the piece if they so choose, adding yet another element of value in addition to its powers of beauty.

eBay’s collection of paintings, art prints and art posters provide hundreds of thousands of different styles, vibes and images that can elevate your home or office design. Whether you’re looking for a louder talking point of a piece or something with more muted tones that ties your room together, eBay’s collection of paintings of various sizes will have something for art aficionados and novices alike.