Art Projectors & Light Boxes

Investing in a Light Box

Also known as a drawing light box, a tracing light box provides a brightly lit surface for artists to use when drawing or tracing. With a smooth glass surface, the light box provides a uniform light over the entire surface, to be used in any number of artistic endeavours. From drawing and tracing, to sketching and animation, tattoo tracing and calligraphy, stencilling and embossing, scrapbooking and quilting, stained glass making and creating embroidery designs - a light box can make the process easier and much more efficient.

Comparing Light Boxes

Buyers may have to take into consideration a number of factors when comparing tracing light boxes. The light box they choose will have to offer the functionality they need, as well as portability and efficiency. When buying a light box, one of the first things to look at is the size of the box. This means looking at the screen size to ensure it offers sufficient screen space for the task at hand, while also being lightweight and portable enough to carry around, if needed. In terms of the drawing surface, it can be a good idea to choose a light box with a slanted drawing surface, as this can be more comfortable to use.

Light is also incredibly important, as one would expect from an item with light in its name. Ensure the light box has a nice, even light over the entire screen, with no hot spots. The light should be bright enough to work with thick paper, and if possible, a dimmer switch should allow for the light to be turned up and down. Energy efficiency is also worth looking into, taking into account how many working hours the lamp will provide before it needs to be replaced. Lastly, look at the light boxs power source. Is it battery powered? Can it be plugged into a laptop via USB, or does it use mains power? When its time to buy, check out eBays great range of art projectors and light boxes, being sure to invest in other essentials such as other drawing accessories at the same time.