Brush up on your tools with awesome art supplies from eBay

They say a good craftsperson never blames his or her tools. But what if those tools are cracked, crusty and well past their use-by date? In that case, I think said craftsperson might be well within his or her rights to be a bit perturbed with the state of artistic affairs. Luckily for you, eBay is home to a huge stock of art supplies that can keep the painting and drawing strokes flowing smoothly. With some of the best paint brushes, paints, pens and more online, there’s no reason why your artistic endeavours have to hit a clumpy road block. 

How to care for your paint brushes

The most important thing to remember when it comes to taking care of paint brushes is washing them as soon as you’re finished with them. The importance of a quick clean cannot be overstated. Don’t wait until the end of your session to wash all your brushes at once. When you’re finished with a paint brush for a while, give it a wash. This is especially true when using acrylic paint. Use specific paint brush cleaner or soapy water and make sure you get all the way down into the base of the brush to maintain its shape.

When it’s time to down tools for the day, don’t store your paint brushes bristles-down. This can misshape your tools, spreading out the bristles under the weight of the handle. Store them handle-down or laying down instead.

Of course, not everybody turns to brushes and paper and canvas when it’s time to create. Quality calligraphy sets help you write beautiful, flowing script of your choosing, letting the words flow from your brain through your fingers and onto the page.

eBay can help you keep your eyes on the supplies with paint brushes, watercolours, paints, calligraphy pens and more. Find the tools of your trade or favourite hobby online today and get the art accessories you need to create the works of your dreams.