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 What should you be aware of when buying art online?
While buying art used to involve visits to art galleries or auction houses, there is now a huge market for buying art online.
Buying art online may make the process easier, but it’s up to collectors to do their due diligence before clicking that Buy button. Collectors looking for original works of art – especially those that are costly – should always research the artwork and seller before buying. This could involve finding out more about the artist and artwork online, in the library, or by consulting a specialist. Whether it’s a private seller, a gallery or a reproduction house; background research is incredibly important. Potential buyers can conduct this research by asking the seller questions to find out more about the artwork and its condition, and request more photos of the piece if needed.
When it comes to value, a piece of art is really only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Factors that can affect value include the artwork’s condition, its authenticity, its rarity, and its past market performance. Be sure that after purchase, the seller sends a Certificate of Authenticity to verify the provenance of the artwork.
For more affordable ‘everyday’ art, eBay is perfect. As with any other purchase, be sure to shop around and do some research to compare prices before buying prints, photographs, paintings or any other type of wall art online. Look at the dimensions of the piece and use a tape measure to check its size in relation to your wall.