Ensure your garden dazzles year round with eBay’s range of synthetic grass. Also known as artificial turf, the benefits of this product are huge. Synthetic grass doesn’t attract bees or other insects, doesn’t require mowing, fertilization, watering or weed control. It lasts around 15 years before needed to be replaced. It’s durable, and there’ll be no dead spots, wear, or insect damage. It’s great for people with allergies and asthma and can be installed anywhere you like. No consideration for the sun, shade, or soil levels required! It’s also perfect for areas plagued with drought and water restrictions.

Things to consider when buying synthetic grass

You’ll want to consider the foot traffic in the area you will be laying the turf. The more kids and animals that will be running across your lawn, the more durable you’ll want the artificial turf to be. Note that higher durability usually means a tougher blade of grass, so it’ll be less comfortable to sit on.

Higher quality turf will feel soft to the touch, it’ll be evenly backed, and the tufts will be well stitched with an even colour across the blades. Note that your synthetic grass still requires some minor maintenance. You’ll need to brush and refill it every six months to keep the blades standing upright. The pile height refers to the height of the blades of grass. A higher blade will look more lush initially, but it will be heavier in weight which will lead to more bend over time. So a higher blade will likely need more regular brushing maintenance to keep upright. If you intend to place furniture on the grass, definitely go for a shorter pile height of less than 33mm. A good general guide for average use would be a pile height of 30 to 37mm. The denser the turf, the better the look and durability. With the use of other landscaping materials and landscaping fabrics, you’ll be enjoying your stunning garden in no time. Check out eBay’s range of synthetic grass right here.