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Artificial Nail Tips

Nail art has become a very popular way for wearers to express themselves. Wearing artificial nails is a great way to immediately go from plain to glamourous with your nails. With so many different types, colours, and details to choose from, there is bound to be a set of artificial nail tips that you can add to your grooming routine.

Artificial Nail Uses

Many women choose to use artificial nails to ramp up the appearance of their nails. They can almost be viewed as an accessory for your hands. Artificial nail tips can also last significantly longer than a normal manicure or pedicure might, while maintaining their same shine and allure that they had from their initial application.

Artificial Nail Shapes and Sizes

Artificial nail tips also come in two major shapes to suit your personal style and preferences. The most typical shapes are round tips and square tips. Sizing can vary with artificial nail tips as well. Some tips can be just slightly longer than the size of your bare nail, while others can be several centimetres longer.

Artificial Nail Art Effects

Arguably the most fun part of adding artificial nail tips to your fingernails is the options you have in terms of nail art. While you can purchase clear, bare tips, you can also find pre-decorated tips with all kinds of designs already on them. To add a bit of pizzazz, you can use glitter artificial nail tips. If you are looking for a more simple, classic look, then French artificial nail tips may be more your style. Florals, solid colours, and just about anything else you can imagine are options as well.

Artificial Nail Tools

In applying artificial nail tips to your nails, it is important to keep in mind the tools that you will need for both application and nail maintenance. Kits are one option for total care, while nail clippers and nail buffers are useful to have handy as well. You will be thankful you have these tools around when it comes to keeping your artificial nail tips in pristine condition.