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What to Look for When Picking an Artificial Wedding Bouquet

A wedding is one of the most special moments in the life of an individual and something that is looked forward to with anticipation. The festivity, decoration, and symbolism of a wedding would be incomplete without the wedding bouquet. If you want to preserve this special attribute forever, you can find inexpensive artificial wedding flowers on eBay that resemble real ones.

Materials that make up false flower wedding bouquets

The materials that make up the fake wedding flowers are foam, plastic, silver, satin, and silk. The petals of the flowers are usually made of silk or satin to make them more realistic and soft to the touch. The foam and plastic are used to make the body of the flower cup and the stems. Silver or other metal decorations are added on some fake bridal bouquets to give them a more luxurious and festive look.

Things bridal artificial bouquets can be used for

Besides the main bridal bouquet, the sets of flowers or individual flowers can be used in the decoration of the celebration. The best part is not spending on real flowers that will be thrown away afterward. Instead, you can use your new or pre-owned artificial wedding bouquets for your home decoration or another celebration.

Is there a good choice of artificial bouquets for those with allergies?

If you are someone who has problems with allergies, especially if you are the one carrying or wearing the flowers, you will want to go for an artificial wedding bouquet. The materials that these bridal artificial bouquets are made from are a good choice for allergic guests.

Are there different artificial bouquet styles?

Artificial wedding bouquets and wedding fake flower decorations come in a variety of styles that are traditional as well as modern.

  • The round bouquet: The most traditionally used type of arrangement for wedding flowers is the round bouquet. The most common flowers used for this one are roses, peonies, or other flowers with a softer silhouette. Monochromatic as well as mixed-colour variations exist.
  • Pomander: Consists of tightly tied together flowers that make a dense patch of bridesmaid bouquets with fake flowers that are easily held in one hand.
  • Posy: Resembling the round bouquet, this type of bouquet is smaller and is often held in one hand by the bridesmaids.
  • Nosegay: This small bouquet with an accentuation on the leaves is often used by the bridesmaids.
  • Cascade bouquet: This flower arrangement has cascading flowers falling from the hands of the bride.
  • Presentation bouquet: This type of bouquet is also known as a pageant bouquet. The arrangement has long-stemmed flowers that are cradled in the bride's arm. This is a good choice for brides who want to showcase their wedding dress with the flowers slightly to the side.
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