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Got one to sell?

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Artists' Painting Supplies Storage

When you're an artist, especially a painter, you are always worrying about having to store your supplies from paints to paintings. The key factor to remember about artists' painting supplies storage is that it's as important to organise your supplies as it is to store them. There's nothing worse than reaching for the one brush you need and not being able to find it.

Storage Needs

As a painter, you are going to need places both to store your supplies and your finished work. The paintings themselves can be stored in flat files that protect them and keep them from bending. Artists' portfolios are also a good idea for anyone looking to transport finished paintings.

Paint Storage

Whether you buy your paint in tubes or in bottles, you are going to need to keep it organised. The best way to do that is to get storage units with lots of little compartments so that you can keep each colour separately. If you have already mixed up paints, you may want to invest in some small jars where you can keep them safely away from the air.

Storage Colours

While some people swear by the sleek appearance of black painting supply storage for artists, and they are useful for taking your paints outside the home; there is a clear advantage to using clear painting supply storage for artists. It's just that much easier to find the exact colour you are looking for when you can see it without taking it out of the storage unit.

Alternative Storage Solutions

In addition to the paint, you also want somewhere to store your artists painting tool accessories, from brushes to rags. While you can go with specialty storage, brushes can just as easily be stored in a planter. Never underestimate the benefits of repurposing other products for art supply storage.

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