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Artists' Brushes

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Artists Painting Supplies

Artists' painting and art supplies differ according to their painting style, the types of painting, the target market of the painting, the proficiency level of the artist, and the complexity of the design being painted. The basic painting supplies involve liquid paints, paint powders, brushes, paint palette, lubricants for cleaning the brushes and pallets, aisles, sketching pencils, canvases, sketch books and drawing papers. Some artists also use 3D elements on their paintings such as thread, wood, and different types of stones or crystals.

Types of Paints and Paints Sets

There are various types of paints available in the market. The most popular types of paints are watercolours, oil colours, acrylic colours, poster colours, paint powders, plastic paints, enamel paints, water paint pencils, cement paints and emulsion paints. Each paint type is created and used in a different way. These paints are available in separate colours as well as in the form of a kit. The painting kits are available in different sizes and can have a large variety of colours depending on the needs of the artist. Some painting kits also have the specific brushes that work best with those paints.

DIY Painting Kits

A DIY painting kit comprises of a numbered and labelled design, a set of paints and brushes, and instructions on how to finish the painting. Some DIY painting kits are basic and are geared towards beginners. However, other DIY painting kits have intricate designs which can take even some experienced artists some time, effort and skill to finish. 3D DIY painting kits are also available which has stones and other decorative materials to be pasted on top of the painting.

Types of Brushes and Brush Sets

Brushes are an important part of artists' painting supplies. There are various brushes available such as nylon brushes, synthetic brushes, flat brushes, brushes with different widths, bright brushes, filbert brushes, fan brushes, angle brushes, mop brushes and rigger brushes. Brush sets are also available which have different types and widths of brushes in a single set.