Artists' Pens & Markers

Artists Pens and Markers

When you look at the selection of artists pens and markers that are available these days, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many colours and types to choose from that you may very well want to try them all. Consider what type of project you need markers for. For example, if youre keen on trying calligraphy or other lettering styles, you could go with a proper calligraphy nib for a pen. Or, you could look for brush pens such as the ones from Faber-Castell PITT to get you started.

Pens for All Purposes

Artist pens are used for so many different types of art. Not only can you find pens and markers for usual sketching and drawing, but you can even procure sets particularly targeted to colouring books. When purchasing pens, check to make sure they are appropriate for the project you have in mind.

Types of Ink

Artists pens come with so many different types of ink; it is important to choose based on what you project youre looking to accomplish. Markers with textile friendly pigment based are far better for painting fabric than inks that are water soluble. On the other hand, if you are buying artists pens for scrapbooking, you should select acid-free inks. These will be better preserved over time and are less likely to fade or cause stains. You can even find oil-based inks that are perfect for painting on glossy objects.


Marker and pen colours are hard to be certain of when viewing them online. Monitors can vary so widely, you may not receive an exact replica of the colour you are looking for. Conversely, if you are purchasing a set of markers, this can be a convenient surprise. The colour ranges of artists markers and pens is so wide and varied, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes. In addition to colours, look for decorative pens that have sparkles or glitter in the ink.

Refillable Markers and Pens

Very often, markers and pens are considered disposable and tossed in the bin the moment they start to dry out. This may be fine for the more inexpensive ones, but if youre able to invest a bit more in a set of markers, you can have them indefinitely. Refillable markers and pens may either have ink cartridges, be filled from an inkwell.