Travel back in time with eBay’s collection of stunning Asian antiques

For centuries, the regions in and around China, Japan, India and the rest of Asia have been responsible for producing some of the finest, most impactful designs and pieces of art in the world. Now you can get your hands on some of these fantastic works without having to dig deep into the earth or raid long-hidden tombs. Introduce the cultures, heritage and history of foreign lands to your home and guests with eBay’s huge collection of amazing Asian antiques.

One of the best ways to add some Asian art to your space is through our superb set of statues. Our collection of thousands of antique Asian statues includes immaculate pieces from China, India, Japan and more. Reach back in time and summon some luck into your home with carefully carved Buddha statues; bring the beauty with intricately painted geishas; and display your religion proudly with depictions of revered Hindu god Ganesha. 

Antique Asian vases are another excellent way to incorporate ornamental Oriental designs in your home. With pieces crafted from porcelain, silver, ceramic, stone, wood and more, you can find works that have been carved, painted and stained with care. 

Decorative teapots, magnificent oversized bowls, painted chests and other Asian antiques will look fantastic displayed in the rooms around your home. With a range of sizes, colours and designs, you can choose from well-known designs that have endured centuries or more unique, one-of-a-kind looks to find a piece that suits for your sense of style.

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