Discover rare and significant Asian coins for your collection

Dedicated coin collectors take interest in both vintage and contemporary coins from all over the world. For some collectors, different types of coins originating from Asia offer special significance. It could be the era, the engraving, the condition, the denomination, or simply the currency itself that matters to you most. There are many potential reasons to own a particular coin. As they say, the beauty of a coin is in the eye of the beholder!

Asian coins by country

Many countries in Asia are represented on eBay’s comprehensive online catalogue of used coins. You will discover all sorts of rare, modern, historic and commemorative coins from Asian countries including China (Yuan), Hong Kong (Hong Kong Dollar), India (Indian Rupee), Japan (Yen), South Korea (South Korean won), Malaysia (Malaysian Ringgit), Singapore (Singapore Dollar), Thailand (Thai Baht) and more. Your online search will lead you to authentic Chinese coins and Japanese coins in various denominations of Yuan and Yen respectively. These coins can date back decades and even centuries, offering wonderful mementos of some fascinating periods throughout the history of these countries. 

Asian coins by composition

The composition of a coin is one of the most important elements to consider when making a purchase to add to your impressive coin collection. Among the most popular collectors’ items are Asian coins made of silver, nickel, copper, gold, bronze, brass and platinum. Many of these coins have a unique story, while others remain a mystery. You have the opportunity to decide their true value. And remember, there is one paradoxical fact about coins you don’t find with many other tangible objects – in many cases a faulty coin caused by mint error, such as a ‘double denomination’ coin, is actually a treasured artefact!

Take your coin collection to the next level with eBay’s spectacular range of Asian coins