Asian Notes

Collect history with Asian notes

Banknotes are more than just money, they celebrate the history and heritage of a country, highlighting the unique culture of its people and teaching us about its civilisation.

Today, collecting rare notes from around the world is a popular pastime, but dont settle for crumpled, torn notes when you can buy stunning examples of some of the most beautiful Asian notes right here on eBay.

From flawless Chinese notes to rare antique Malaysia and Timor notes, youll find examples from dozens of nations from across Asia.

Something for every collection

Each countrys currency, old and new, feature entirely unique designs. Whilst some celebrate heads of state and leaders, others favour cultural monuments, examples of nature, or even architecture.

Its this diversity which fuels the collectors market for these notes and makes them a popular choice for gifts, with every note acting as its own work of art.

Thats not all though. Because these notes are handed down from generation to generation, on eBay youll find countless historical examples of Asian and Chinese notes, with many from pre-revolutionary China and some examples dating from the era of Japanese occupation.

Whichever Asian note you need to complete your collection, youll find options in this range to suit every budget, perfect for beginner collectors and those looking to find the finishing touches for their collectors cabinet.

Mint Asian notes

Whether youre a history buff looking to own a little piece of Asias past or a dedicated notaphilist scouring the world for the most intriguing and exciting notes from China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, British Malaya, Japan, India, or any other Asian nation, youll find it on eBay.

But dont wait around though because, with such high interest in Asian notes, you can never be sure when another example will come on the market.