Pave your way to success with Asphalt concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that offer a simple way to lay concrete slip form. This type of equipment is large in size and can cover extensive projects such as roads, pathways and freeways with ease. If you are looking to replace or upgrade an existing asphalt and concrete paver, you'll find a selection of new and used equipment from reliable industry brands here on eBay.

Pavers for all projects

Concrete and asphalt pavers come in a variety of sizes depending on your project type. There is everything from smaller pavers that create slip forms of 10-12ft to larger equipment which can take on projects of 44ft and beyond. This long-lasting and reliable style of construction machinery is designed for precise application and has the ability to produce consistent surface textures for a range of infrastructure projects.

Surface preparation

For construction projects big and small, effective surface preparation needs to take place. If you need to scale surfaces, there is a selection of surface scalers and grinders available to prepare the area. For jobs that require cutting through concrete, an asphalt and concrete grinder scarifier is an ideal tool for the job. This piece of equipment has a cutting wheel and powerful motor which can leave either a clean or rough finish to an area. You'll find a wide range of strong and durable grinder scarifiers available which provide a safe and productive tool to help prepare a stone surface for paving or slip form.

Parts for concrete pavers

If you need to repair your existing concrete paver, you can find a wide range of parts and components available to suit your requirements. You'll also find complete machines, which can be used for parts or they can also be renovated to make a working model.