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Bubble Machines

Bubbles aren't just for little kids. Bubbles can be for grown ups too! Bubble machines or bubble makers are perfect for big events, whether at a wedding or on a parade float. So, what factors should be taken into consideration when buying a bubble machine? Perhaps one of the first things to think about is power. How many bubbles can the bubble machine make? Bubble machines have their own built-in fan, creating the bubbles as the fan blows air over the bubble making liquid. That fan needs to be powerful enough to keep on making bubbles, at a rate that works well with the consistency of the bubble making liquid.

The bubble machine will also hold a certain amount of bubble making liquid, so that larger tanks will allow for more bubble making over a longer period of time. When it comes to stage effects machines such as the bubble makers, it's a good idea to have a remote. This makes it easier to switch on and off, to control the volume of bubbles created, and to adjust the settings on the fan. A timer can also come in handy, allowing the bubble machine to turn on and off automatically.

Buying a Bubble Machine

When buying a bubble machine, remember to look at the above factors. How much bubble making liquid does it hold? How many bubbles does it produce? How easy is it to operate? Then look at the dimensions of the bubble machine to ensure it's portable enough to carry around, and that it's quick and easy to set up and get going. Check for other additional features as well, such as built-in lighting. Luckily, eBay makes it super easy to compare all available options. Check out eBay's range of stage lighting effects , atmospheric stage effects fluids and bubble makers for professional use, and for use at home with the kids.

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