Atmospheric Stage Effects Machines

Atmospheric Stage Effect Machines 

Putting on stage performances means using different sets and props to create real life effects. Another way to add atmosphere is by using a stage effect machine along with your stage lighting. These machines can also be important party supplies, to create atmosphere on the dance floor. 

What Types of Stage Effect Machines are There? 

Some of the different types of machines include: Smoke machines: 

Smoke machines are a popular type of machine as they create ambience on a stage. They use smoke machine fluid and electricity to pump out smoke. This type of effect machine is popular at parties and can give the illusion that the room is smaller than it is. 

Fog machines: Fog machines are similar to smoke machines and are great for showing the effect of misty nights in a stage show. 

Bubble machines: Bubble machines can work for stage shows to create various effects and are also great for children’s parties.  

Snow machines: Creating the effect of snow is simple with a snow machine. These are perfect for plays that take place in the wintertime or for Christmas parties.