Atmospheric Stage Fog Machines

Atmospheric Stage Fog Machines

Fog machines aren’t just for making sweet effects during concerts and shows. They have been used for military training, movie effects, and even industrial applications due to how easily users can control the fog output. They work by drawing fog machine fluid, or 'fog juice', from a large reservoir and routing it via a pump through small copper pipes to a heating core. After the heat vaporises the liquid, it passes through a fan that blows the vapour along an outlet through a chamber of dry ice. Cooling the vapour and air mixture keeps the fog hanging low for that iconic, mysterious effect we all love.

Power Output

The amount and density of the fog output greatly depends on the wattage of your machine. They range from 400 to 1000 watts. Smaller units put out smaller volumes of fog, often measured in cubic metres per minute, while the largest ones can fill an entire room within minutes. Consider the size of the room or stage you want to fog up before making a purchase. Smaller machines require you to run them more often to fog a large room, but this may shorten the overall lifespan of the machine.

Haze Machines

These devices are similar to fog machines but create unobtrusive clouds that make light beams visible and vivid. haze machines are typically placed on elevated mounting points so the light beams do not take attention away from centre stage. The haze effect can also last an hour or more, depending on the amount of ventilation and the size of the area. The liquid used in haze machines may be oil or water-based, but machines only use one or the other.


Kick your scene up a notch by purchasing accessories to make your fog more immersive. Scents impart depth and dimension; for example, add a foul smelling additive in the appropriate amount to your fog juice to give off that fetid, aged smell in a zombie apocalypse setup. Many units nowadays include a remote control that allows you to turn the machine on or off from a distance. You can also orchestrate multiple fog machines by using timers with interval and duration settings.