Atmospheric Stage Snow Machines

Atmospheric Stage Snow Machines

For plays, events or concerts, you can create a magical atmosphere even when the weather wont cooperate. A snow machine, bubble maker or fog machine sets a mood during any type of indoor or outdoor performance, and these user-friendly machines create high-quality snowflake effects without the freezing temperatures. Meant to replicate real snow, snow machines can add fun to dances, parties or performances.

What Are Some Features of Snow Machines?

Snow machines are meant for ease of use and come with features that enhance the experience of using one. For instance, there are wireless machines that come with a remote control so you dont need to produce effects hands-on, while some machines come with LED lights that add to the mood of your party or event with a soft glow of colour you can use to create distinct lighting effects. An adjustable machine lets you vary the way your snow looks, so you can make snow fall gently or blow a hearty blizzard, depending on your desired effect.

What Comes with Snow Machines?

Some machines come with snow machine fluid, and some allow you to attach a fog pump to use the machine to produce fog as well as snow. Snow-machine cleaning products let you clean your machine after each use so snow doesnt cause buildup, and a remote lets you control your flakes from a distance.