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Atom Lawn Edgers

Atom Lawn Edgers

Regularly mowing your lawn certainly helps keep your property looking tidy, but it’s not always easy to get the edges with your clunky lawn mower. That’s why you need a lawn edger to assist you in the garden to keep your lawn trim and tidy around the path and garden edges. In the range from Atom, you can find different lawn edgers that are suitable for entry-level homeowners through to professional models that are for heavy-duty use. Atom is the leading brand in Australia and New Zealand for lawn edgers and offers a nationwide dealer and servicing network, guaranteeing that you have the support that you need for a long life for your machine.

4-Blade Cutting System

Atom lawn edgers use a 4-blade cutting system with 271 mm hardened steel blades. These blades provide neat cutting and smoother operating and are especially effective when trimming garden plots. The blades are enclosed with a guard for ultimate safety both to you and the blades.

User Friendly

Atom’s lawn edgers are very user friendly with many safety features. They are lightweight with minimum noise while in use. They are also good for the environment due to their low energy consumption and speed.

Lawn Edger Features

The trigger switch control with safety interlock on Atom’s lawn edgers is a great safety feature to ensure that you are in control. You have strong steel handlebars with a cross brace for stability. These lawn edgers are lightweight and so they are easy to pick up and carry. You can use the edge guide for perfectly trimmed edges and adjust the height to suit you.

Electric Lawn Edger

While most of Atom’s lawn edgers are petrol operated, the Electric 310 works by electricity. It has a powerful 2000W ball bearing motor with turbo air cooling. There is a clutch system that stops motor burn out and an anchor for extension cord.