Audio CD Player

The mid to late 1980’s brought a departure from turntables to compact discs or CDs to the consumer marketplace. With the advent of digital streaming, CDs no longer possess the avant garde aura of the days they first hit the market. Audio CD players keep a place in many homes where CDs still dominate an owners music library. Fortunately, there are many options for inside and out of the home to listen to a favourite CD or a new addition. Depending on your needs, the type of CD player, their features, and overall sound still matter.

Player Types

From a portable boombox to a portable handheld CD player, you can take your tunes on the go. If your needs are more in the home, the previous options will work, but in addition, you can choose a more robust CD player with recording capabilities. On the higher end, you can still get a carousel CD player where you can put multiple CDs in your device for a non-stop music experience.

Various Usage

Depending on your needs, your listening experience can include home audio recording CD players or having a multi-player that will play your favourite artist's entire catalogue of music. When on the go, you can grab a few CDs and a CD boombox to take to the beach or park. If you’re looking to go for a run, you can grab a discman portable CD player and jog through your own world.

Sound Value

Sound is very important when listening to any audio device. Depending on your affordability level, you can purchase a high quality audio CD player with great speakers. For budget conscious consumers, CD players with good sound are still within reach in a number of conditions or from lesser-known brands.

Overall Purpose

When you’re looking to make good use of your CD collection, the listening device that you choose needs to provide useful functions and a great listening experience. If your purpose is to transfer music onto CDs, then a quality CD recorder may be what you need. For collectors who listen to music across multiple mediums, there are many DJ's CD, MP3 players, and other multimedia devices that not only play CDs, but can also hook up to an MP3 player, play cassettes, or even classic vinyl records.