If you are a vinyl enthusiast, a collector or you still have your EPs and 33s stored in your garage from days gone by, you will know the turntable is making a comeback. eBay can help you find a record player or turntable, from entry-level to high-end. Now is the perfect time to get into vinyl. Most new albums are released in the format, and you can pick up classic albums at rock-bottom prices on eBay too. 

Vintage turntables

If you still have your old records, an inexpensive way to get your records back on the turntable is to buy a vintage record player. You can find Hi Fi systems and turntables from Pioneer, Marantz, Technics and JVC belt driven and auto return turntables for an inexpensive outlay. If you are new to vinyl, a vintage turntable is all you need to give vinyl a try, or to listen to your parents’ old record collection. For high end, sophisticated looks and automatic players look for Thorens and Rega.  

Retro look with USB technology

As a new generation of vinyl enthusiasts join the record playing revival, new audio record player turntables are also adapted for the digital music market. You can find a turntable that can play a record and record that onto your computer. Today’s turntable has a phono equaliser with inbuilt USB connection. You can choose to maintain both a fully analog player and a completely separate digital music collection or, you can purchase a turntable with a built-in USB port that you can use to digitize your vinyl collection. With a USB port, you can record the playback to MP3 in real-time to obtain that authentic crackled sound of the original recording. Look for portable players at reasonable prices to hi-tech players from Crosley, Pro-Ject, GPO, Numark and Holysmoke. 

eBay makes it easy for you to find the turntable and turntable parts you need. View products by brand name, features, whats hot, limited deals, new and used. Get your records out and look for your new turntable today!