Australia Decals and Stickers

Show pride for your country by affixing an Australian sticker or decal to your automobile, truck or SUV. With several different style options and types of car stickers, you can easily find one to suit your auto.

Australia Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are decal stickers expressly made for the bumper of a car or truck. While you are able to place them in other areas if you wish, such as the window, these are usually a bigger sticker with heavier adhesive that do best on the bumper itself. Look for coloured Australian decals with the colours of the flag, or simple stickers that say AUS or a similar theme.

Australia Car Decals

Car decals are slightly smaller, and can be used more places on an automobile. There are a few types of window decals that don’t even have adhesive. They simply stick to the window like a window cling. You can place these on your windows, either inside or outside, on your dashboard or on your bumper.

Other Stickers and Decals

Perhaps you’d like to put stickers on your computer, your iPad case or another area. There are different types of Australian-themed stickers for this purpose. Look for window clings, small decals or plain stickers to use as decoration.