Australia/Oceania Banknotes

Australian and Oceanian notes for every currency collection

Retro and vintage Australian and Oceanian notes are available in a selection of denominations and quantities, ideal for collectors of all types.

Different types of notes from Australia and Oceania

Consecutive run Australian and Oceanian notes in mint condition are available with AA, EA, and random prefixes. A three-note set of $10 are all from the same series and are available in limited supplies. Banknote sets of five consecutive number runs are an alternative collectable currency option. Find interesting serial numbers on other notes too, like the Australian $5 note.

Authentic notes from Oceania that are decorated with 24k coloured gold detail feature double-sided laser-etched designs that are embellished with highly reflective gold foil. These limited edition Australian $100 banknotes have a durable polycarbonate centre and transposed designs. The decorative replication banknotes are perfect for prominent collection display.

Mint condition Australian notes are available individually, in pairs, and assorted selections. Vintage and retro paper notes that are uncirculated are available in variable denominations.

Limited edition ‘A series' Oceania notes include the $10 UNC banknotes in mint condition. Combo sets featuring the last paper and first polymer notes from Australia are typically supplied in $10 denominations.

Rare retro & vintage notes from Australia and Oceania

Rare Australian notes dating back to 1968 are mostly decorated with the Commonwealth of Australia design. Australian $1 notes are supplied individually. Retro $1 banknotes from the 1980s that are in mint condition are an alternative option.

Remembrance Day $2 coins are a cracking addition to any collection of Australian Oceanian notes and currency. The uncirculated commemorative keepsake coins are available individually and are supplied in a transparent paper holder. Vintage Australian notes include rare Australia Flinders 10 shillings notes.

Colourful Australian notes celebrating the 1988 Australia Bicentenary are second release issue. This issue of the polymer banknotes rectified the previous hologram rubbing off problem. The banknotes are supplied in $10 denominations.