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Australia Post Padded Envelopes

When you’re looking for the most reliable way to get something from point A to point B, it has to be with Australia Post. For years this iconic brand has been providing postal services to Australia and always with a unique solution to meet your every need. Their range of padded envelopes is the ideal way to pack and protect your items so you can send them within Australia, having peace of mind they’ll reach their destination. Padded shipping envelopes offer more protection than a standard envelope, and ensure your package will arrive safely and securely on time.

Express Post

Australia Post offers some of the fastest moving freight in the country, and their Express Post service is available for padded bags and envelopes too. Express post padded bags can deliver within one business day for metro areas, and up to two days for regional and rural addresses, with options available to sign upon collection and track your package online.

Parcel Post

You can buy the Parcel Post padded bags from Australia Post ahead of time and in bulk, making them an ideal choice for anyone with regular shipping requirements. These padded bags and shipping envelopes are great for home businesses that post products to customers, or for sending gifts to friends and family across the country when there’s no rush to have them there the following day.

Durable Envelopes

Australia Post designed their envelopes to withstand tough Australian conditions, with everything from waterproof padded envelopes to recyclable padded envelopes on offer. These durable envelopes are ideal for delicate and fragile items that might suffer damage in a regular package, and their padded mailers are strong, lightweight, and water resistant.

Variety of Sizes

Depending on the package you have to send, Australia Post has a padded bag to suit. Whether you’re mailing a document or smaller sized parcel, or need to keep something large and bulky safe, their bags and envelopes range from 12 cm in width up to 38 cm. The smooth lining of Australia Post’s padded bags allows for easy insertion of documents and other items, and their self-sealing padded envelopes take the hard work out of postage.