Enhance your coin collection with the Australian $1 coin

Grow your coin collection with the beautiful Australian $1 coin. This coin is still in circulation, but there are different versions of the coin worth collecting. If you're trying to build up a larger coin collection, some of these coins are worth adding. To help you along in the process we gathered the top selling Australian $1 coin options together from eBay.

The coins became available in 1986 and have been released in different versions many times over the years. This exciting coin is beautiful to look at and offered in several different styles and designs. Choose the coin that you like the best and get one of them, or several for your own personal collection.

Many of these coins are in limited supply and are likely to go up in value as well. You'll have to spend more than $1 to purchase this coin on eBay, but it can help round out your collection and give you a cool coin to show off. There are many different designs and years of the coin, and it's up to you to look at the coin and decide if it's a good fit for you or not.

These coins are fun to collect, but they aren't the only Australian coins worth collecting. There are plenty of pre-decimal coins to collect as well. Take a look through the different options select some items that stand out the most to you and build up your collection. eBay is an excellent resource for obtaining coins, and some are backed with our Best Price Guarantee to help you get the lowest prices on your purchase.